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Get the fuck over it
This is a community for muses ("patients") in which all prompts are therapy based. The goal behind this community is to help muses 'get the fuck over' their issues so that they may lead happier lives.

A little therapy never hurt anyone.


1. Conduct. By applying to join this community you are agreeing to respect all of its present and future members. Play nice, or risk being banned. On The Couch is meant to be fun, and I refuse to let anyone ruin it for the rest of us.

2. Participation. All patients are expected to 'attend' therapy every six weeks. This means that in order to be considered active within the community, you will respond to at least one challenge of the most recent six. You will also have a tag to use within the community (I'll most likely be using these for checks, so they're mandatory).

3. Activity. Responses are suggested to be at least 100 words, and RP counts for participation. The first time your patient falls behind you will be warned and asked to respond to the warning. The second time your patient falls behind you will be asked to leave On The Couch. Announced activity checks may require you to post before a check in lieu of handing out warnings, and a mod checking previous months for activity can remove a muse immediately without warning. If your patient's appointment is still available after a period of 30 days, you may reapply for it (once).

4. Exclusivity. Only one of each canon character is allowed. OCs are welcome. A waiting list is in place should a wanted patient decide to leave therapy, if you apply for a taken patient you will be asked if you'd like to be on it, or you can ask for it yourself.

5. Labels. Please include your patient's name, fandom, and a word count somewhere in all entries that are posted to the main community. Also, please use a spoiler cut in the community if your muse is talking about a new episode/film ("new" being defined as something that has aired or been released in the last week).

6. Patience. If you apply for a patient and don't hear back from the mod in over two weeks, its fine to inquire again or email a reminder.

7. Contact. If you have any other concerns, comments, or questions, shoot an email to onthecouchmods[at]gmail[dot]com

8. Prompting. Usually 2-3 new prompts will be posted each week. A suggestion post can be found here.

9. Insanity. Muses are crazy, don't take offense. And don't hold back.

10. Demand. Have fun!

**No RPS characters allowed. Historical is fine. IE: if the person has been dead 100 years or more, feel free to apply.


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